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I think that DA is the most amazing opportunity for people to display virtually anything that might be, even loosely, considered as art. There are apparently very few constraints on what is allowed, and i am always aware of how much i am indebted to DA for allowing me the showcase for the images i produce and that i consider, art.
I always make sure that my work is prefaced with a warning about the content, i always select the strongest category, even though sometimes the work in question may not be as graphic as this might suggest. I consider that if you choose to view my work, you know it will not be Beatrice Potter pretty.
I posted a work called Stupor a day ago, and since then i have been worried about its content. So much so that i chose to delete it and am now reposting an edited and censored version.
The uncensored verso is available from my stash account. if you would like a copy, please comment on this image, i am interested in your opinions, and i will be happy to give you a link.
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As my wife and I have gotton into S&M to a greater degree this year we find this drawing to be erotic... as it let's viewers mind go to all kinds of potential peril for the victim.
The table with the drain..... the wrist and ankles ready to be afixed to position the subject in any many desired.... so much potential to the imagination.
As there are no marks on ehr body we do not know know has already happened to get her to this point. We also do not know if this a consentual activity or if the subject is in peril.

We would like to see what happens next

Steve and Terri
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XavierSt Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013
Excellent and intriguing work just as most of your images are! I'm anxious to know what you've hidden behind your censorship.
dannysuling Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

It's a really interesting pose, for sure; very unusual to be draped over and slightly spread this way. And your commentary about handling the self-censoring issue is thoughtful and quite to the point, for sure. Of course I'd be delighted to see the uncensored version (let me know how via Note).

In a way it is unfortunate that dA is not interested in constructing and maintaining a fully "adult" section, but one can easily imagination how it would siphon away resources from dA's main mission (more legal scanning and involvement is just one of many). The big issue, as you note, is the hoops that artists like yourself must go through to guess and second-guess what will and will not be accepted by the monitors here.
gishzida Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012  Professional Artist
I agree with your assessment and your opinions... I have gotten to the point that I wish that there was a "switch" for my pages that was strictly "adults only... not that it would ultimately prevent "children" from seeing my work but because this one might even be better with a sheet draped strategically across one thigh to cover the area in question and not detract from the 'art...

there are other places [as noted] that "uncensored" images can be posted... but most of the places I'm aware of are not really about art but about "sexual entertainment" which is something like [link] or [link] ... Frankly I think it is more 'challenging' to create images that 'imply but do not show'... let the real art take place in the mind of the viewer...

Is this Jo? Looks like she getting the full treatment...
kalenrivers Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012
awesome could post at renderotica no sensors
eyesofsnowleopard Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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December 22, 2012
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