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So here goes with showing off some of what i consider to be the best talent in this little corner of Deviant Art. The faves are not shown in any order, they are all great to my mind...
If you decide to, comment on what you see, i really appreciate that and i know they will too.

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There have been four really good submissions to my caption request for the image called Wednesday. I like them all and as usual with anything like this i wouldn't want to offend anyone so they are all getting a mention and an airing here. Please visit these talented writers if you have not done so already and encourage them by doing so.

Thanks guys, and dolls..
Wednesday By lbreiden1

"Wednesday. The lessons continue. They are learning. It makes my job a little easier, if not a little more mundane. They kneel in their shackles (well, not really theirs…they don’t “own” them… if anything it is the shackles that own them), shivering with fear, awaiting their next lesson, the lesson being that obedience must be immediate and absolute, or suffer the consequences. Most of them have not yet accepted the finality of it all. They still cling to the fading hope that this is all just a bad dream, that soon it will all be over. But it is my job to show them otherwise, that they exist only to serve and obey. Their shackles and my whip will be a constant reminder that to dream of freedom is both pointless and frustrating. And soon they will learn to stop dreaming altogether, to live in the present moment and exist only as the slaves that they have become.
And so the lessons continue…"

Wednesday by BritslutJenny

Things have usually calmed down by Wednesday. The stupid bitches haven't slept or eaten for 48 hours, so I guess it's no surprise that their level of resistance has hit rock bottom. They certainly learned to get on their knees pretty fucking quickly, and not to look me in the face unless they want a damn good thrashing. Not a murmur from them either, except if they're being beaten, when they are allowed to make as much noise as they want. No, they've learned to keep their mouths shut, unless they're undergoing oral sex training.
I suppose, if I cared, I might feel sorry for them. After all, it's only a few days since their previous life ended. Back in the distant past - Saturday night - they might have been dancing in a nightclub in Ibiza, or getting drunk on a hen night in Tallin, maybe even getting married in exotic Manchester. Now here they are, under my control, and my crop.
But I don't care - catch 'em, train 'em, ship 'em out, that's my mantra. It's a production line here, we have more demand than we can cope with but, luckily, we have an inexhaustible supply of raw material. The entry criteria for our training facility are quite simple - education, background, status, celebrity, money, don't matter, all you need is the looks and the body, and you qualify for a one-way trip to Hell.
As for me, I'm just glad that we're on the downslope to the weekend and two days of relief from these pathetic creatures. They make me sick with their moaning and their puppy-dog eyes, silently pleading for mercy. When will they learn, we don't do 'mercy' here…

Wednesday by saloniko

With the five adjustees kneeling in a line on the floor Head Adjuster Gwen nodded at her colleague, Adjuster Kay.
The heels of the black haired adjuster click clacked on the floor tiles as she stepped to the beginning of the line and stood in front of the first kneeling girl with legs slightly apart, the crop in her hand poised.Without a word the first girl lifted her head, leaned forward, pressed her lips between the adjuster's thighs and kissed.
"What is your purpose?" asked the adjuster in a commanding tone.
"Pleasing my Mistress," the adjustee replied.
"Good girl." The adjuster tapped the crop and the first girl sat back down and lowered her head. The adjuster moved to stand in front of the second girl and waited.
The second girl automatically leaned forward and placed her head between the adjuster's thighs and kissed.
"What makes you happy?" asked the adjuster.
"Pleasing my Mistress," replied the second girl.
"What arouses you the most?"
"Pleasing my Mistress," replied the red head.
"Good girl." The adjuster tapped her crop again and the second girl sat back and bowed her head. The adjuster stepped over to the blonde girl in the middle of the line and waited.
The blonde girl didn't move. The adjuster tapped her thigh with the crop. The blonde girl didn't look up.
"Hmm, this one seems to have reverted" said Adjuster Kay looking perplexed, "that's odd. I thought she was fully done and ready to be sent on to section four."
"Yes, very strange" replied Head Adjuster Gwen rolling her eyes.
"Perhaps another week of adjusting?" asked Kay.
Gwen gave Kay an eyebrow heavy look and gestured with her head.

"Thank you Head Adjuster," replied Kay as she pulled the blonde girl up and led her away to the adjustment rooms.
"Chocolate?" whispered the blonde as they walked out of hearing.

Wednesday by denkira7

I hate Wednesdays, they're usually the busiest day of the week. Sexual training, physical training, discipline training. Nevermind the fact that i have to take care of the corrective punishment, as well.
Every morming, the bitches who underperformed in their duties, or caused some kind of incident the day before, have an extra session of beatingtheshitoutof / corrective training. At least i have Alyssa with me, (she's taking the first one inside), to share the load, and keep me some company.
 I don't understand them sometimes, though. Even after all this time, they are still causing trouble with their behaviour. Can't they stay docile and obedient all the time? They're not human anymore, but they can't get it out of their heads!
On top of all, i didn't sleep well last night. Guess i'll have to work my temper out on them... 

God, i hate Wednesdays!


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